Beast of Balance - Re-Programming Artefacts


Many common issues customers experience with Beast of Balance can be fixed by re-programming the artefacts (so they will work properly within the game). Here are the steps:

  1. Make sure you have the most recent version of the Beast of Balance app.
  2. Connect the app to to a nearby Plinth and make sure the Plinth is on a steady surface. 
  3. From the Begin Screen go to Settings. 
  4. In settings tap “Child Lock” and enter 8753. 
  5. The app should now tell you that you’ve unlocked “DIY Mode”. 
  6. Tap OK and go back to the Settings screen 
  7. Now tap “DIY Mode”. 
  8. Tap the Artefact you wish to re-program on the screen. 
  9. Place the correct artefact onto the Plinth and wait until a tick-button appears on-screen. 
  10. Tap the tick-button. 
  11. Now touch the Artefact to the Plinth to program the information. 
  12. You can re-program more Artefacts with the “Register Another Custom Artefact” button (repeating steps 8-11). 
  13. And now try the pieces within the game

You can also check out the product developer's support site for some additional troubleshooting ideas and FAQ's here:

Or, if you're still having issues with the product, you can also contact the Sensible Object support team at for additional assistance.

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