How does the rewards program work?

Every dollar you spend equals one point. Once you've accrued 200 points, we will send you a $20.00 reward. All online points are automatically accrued for you as long as you use your e-mail address at the time of checkout. 

Rewards are redeemable online and in stores. 

To redeem your rewards online, simply type in your reward account number into the gift card text box found right above the credit card information on our checkout page. You may leave the pin blank and click apply! 

Please note that store shipments and web transactions do not post to your account until after the order ships.

As long as you use the same e-mail address that your rewards account is associated with, when placing an order, your points will automatically accumulate. You can checkout as a guest or logged in. Rewards are not available until the business day following the purchase that helped you reach the 200 points, which converted to the latest Reward. 

Do rewards expire?

Yes, they expire after one year and we will send you an e-mail before they expire alerting you that they will expire soon. 

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